10 Fun Facts About Finches

10 Fun Facts About Finches

1. A flock of Goldfinches is called a ‘Charm’.

2. Finches are very social birds and can often be seen socialising with birds of other species.

3. Although the Finch family is one of the largest bird families, Finches are actually one of the smallest in the world.

4. Goldfinches in particular move around rapidly and frequently. Whilst you think you may see one or two loyal Finches on your feeders, it could actually be up to 100 different birds.

5. Finches are predominantly vegetarian, feeding mostly on seeds, nuts and fruit.

6. Finches are song birds and communicate with their large flocks with their beautiful singing voices.

7. Bullfinches can even be trained to mimic songs.

8. Chaffinches have been found to have regional accents, with differences in its song depending on where in the country it lives.

9. The Lesser Redpoll likes to hang upside down from trees when it feeds.

10. Greenfinches are both brave and greedy so are skilled at hunting out bird feeders in both rural and urban gardens.


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