10 Fun Facts About Robins

10 Fun Facts About Robins

1. Robins are very territorial and you’ll usually only see 2 together when they’re mating.

2. In fact, they’re so territorial that they often fight to the death defending their area.

3. They are very loyal to their food sources. The Robin you see in your garden is most likely the same one each time.

4. Young Robins do not have red breasts. They are brown and lightly speckled, only growing their red feathers after their first moult.

5. Its nearly impossible to tell apart the male and female Robin by sight.

6. They are ground feeding, insectivorous birds; mostly feeding on worms and insects found in freshly turned soil (as well as fruit).

7. Females often eat the shells of their hatched young for an extra boost of calcium.

8. Robins (both male and female) have such driven parental instincts that they have been found to feed the chicks of other species.

9. They used to be members of the Thrush family alongside Blackbirds, Redwings, Fieldfare, Mistle and Song Thrushes, however, they’re now classified as as Old World Flycatcher.

10. Although they may look the same, each Robin has a completely unique red breast pattern.


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