How To Attract Wild Birds To Your Garden

How To Attract Wild Birds To Your Garden
  1. Buy high quality bird food from reputable suppliers.
  2. Avoid cheaper mixes which have a high % of lower cost grains such as wheat and barley.
  3. Premium bird food mixes typically contain peanutssunflower heartsdried insects and sometimes suet.
  4. Use specialist feeders to minimise waste and discourage vermin such as squirrel proof feeders.
  5. Site feeders in the open, but near enough to some cover for the birds to hide if necessary.
  6. Make sure feeders are not accessible to cats.
  7. Use mesh feeders for peanuts and cage feeders for suet balls and suet blocks.
  8. Use plastic, ported feeders for seed mixessunflower seeds and hearts and nyger seed etc.
  9. Make sure that water is always available, especially during frosty weather.
  10. Keep offering food once you have started – birds come to rely on it in cold weather.
  11. Make sure food is all year round from autumn to spring.
  12. Birds especially need support in the winter, in the breeding season and pre-migration.

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