Fun Facts About UK Birds of Prey

Fun Facts About UK Birds of Prey

1. The Merlin Falcon is the smallest bird of prey in Britain measuring just 30cm and with a 60cm wing-span.

2. Goshawks were once extinct in the UK, but escaped and released falconry birds have recolonised the land.

3. The Peregrine Falcon is the fastest animal on Earth with a top speed of over 200mph (320kmh).

4. Birds of prey can keep three different fields of view in focus at any one time.

5. Red Kites are communal birds and often group together to scavenge for food.

6. Buzzards are one of the most common birds of prey in the UK with up to 79,000 breeding pairs reported (source RSPB).

7. The wingspan of an adult White-tailed Eagle is over 2m long. They’re also the heaviest of UK birds of prey with females weighing up to 7kg, the size of a small dog!

Peregrine Falcon

8. Peregrine Falcons are often recognised by their “moustache” facial features. A black strip of feathers that runs either side of their beaks in the shape of a handlebar moustache.

9. Contrary to popular belief, not all owls are nocturnal. The Short-Eared Owl is most commonly seen hunting during the day.

10. Kestrels are one of the smallest birds of prey here in the UK. Their small size (up to 35cm in length) have helped them adapt well to life city centres and urban estates.