The Best Way To Use Ground Bird Feeders & Tables

The Best Way To Use Ground Bird Feeders & Tables
  1. Use a low level feeder, preferably with plenty of drainage.
  2. Only scatter bird food straight on the ground if you’re confident that it will be eaten quickly or if you are prepared to pick it back up if it doesn’t get eaten in a day or two. This is the best practice to avoid attracting vermin to your garden.
  3. Ground feeds are particularly useful for attracting Thrushes, Robins, Chaffinches and Starlings.
  4. It can be beneficial to increase the amount of ground feed you use over the winter. Ground feeding birds can struggle to find food in hard, winter ground so offering ground feeds high in healthy proteins and oils is helpful.
  5. Make sure that the feeding site is not accessible to cats, dogs or vermin who can not only eat your bird food but also pose a threat to the birds themselves. If you’re worried about cats there are handy ground feeder cages that you can place over your feeder to block out any unwanted predators.
  6. Use high quality ground feed mixes or high suet content pellets. Using the best quality, wheat free mixes will make sure that you’re attracting beautiful wild birds and not just Pigeons and Blackbirds (and squirrels!).
  7. And, as always, offer fresh water alongside any bird food you offer and remember to replace it daily, especially over the winter when birds can struggle to find water.

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