Why We Love Ring-Pull™ Bird Feeders

Why We Love Ring-Pull™ Bird Feeders

Finding the right bird feeder is no easy feat. Here at Ivel Valley Bird Food we like to think we’ve tried nearly every feeder on the market in our quest to find the very best feeders to offer our customers. While there are a great deal of high quality feeders around, none come close to the quality, design and affordability of Ring-Pull.

We’re such advocates of Ring-Pull feeders that we wanted to share all the reasons we recommend these feeders to our customers.



Ring-Pull offers a variety of feeders for all type of seed, including Nyger Feeders, Peanut Feeders and Seed Feeders. Each seed feeder comes in 3 different sizes; 2-port, 4-port and 6-port, and the peanut feeder comes in 2 sizes; 200mm and 300mm tall.

So if you’re the kind of bird enthusiast that like to have a matching set of feeders (like we do!), Ring-Pull can offer you just that.


Single-Pull Dismantle 

Our very favourite thing about Ring-Pull feeders is their patented pin design. Each feeder is held together by a long, metal pin running down the center that secures the perches in place. When it comes to deep-cleaning your Ring-Pull simply pull out the pin to dismantle the feeder and clean each section individually.

Being able to remove the perches makes it much easier to clean longer feeders, giving you more access holes down the tube to get sponges and cleaning brushes in.


High Quality

Ring-Pull are so confident in the quality of their feeders they offer a lifetime guarantee with each purchase. Every part of the Ring-Pull feeder is removable and replaceable, so if you ever have a breakage or an issue with your feeder, Ring-Pull can easily replace your part.

The materials used in Ring-Pulls are scratch proof so your local squirrels won’t be able to nibble and damage your feeder.


Ring-Pull Removable Perches
Ring-Pull Removable Perches

Removable Perches

All of the Ring-Pull feeders we sell come with a pack of 2 removable perches, ideal for attaching to your feeder to allow multiple birds, or slightly bigger birds, to perch at once. The heavy duty plastic perches are easy to remove and clean and offer extra protection for your perches, to keep your feeders in top condition for longer.


Twist-off Base

A feature added to the newer Ring-Pull PRO designs is a twist-off base. Simply twist off the base to empty out any old seeds and husks. This feature makes it easy to give your feeder a quick clean every time you refill your seed, without having to dismantle the entire feeder.


No Mess Base Trays

If you’re planning to offer a seed feeder mix that has the potential to germinate (millet, black sunflower seeds), or you simply want to keep your garden as tidy as possible, Ring-Pull also offer seed/base trays for their feeders.

The universal base trays screw on to the bottom of any Ring-Pull feeder and come in 2 different sizes (265mm and 350mm). For a smaller feeder like a 2-port or 4-port, the smaller 265mm tray should be sufficient to catch any mess. For 6-port feeders, the larger 350mm tray offers a wider base to catch husks and waste falling from a height.

The circle of small holes in the tray allows for drainage during wet weather to prevent a build up of water and waste. The trays also offer extra space for birds to perch whilst they wait their turn at the feeders.

Ring-Pull Base Tray
Ring-Pull Base Tray

You can find all of the different Ring-Pull feeders on www.ivelvalleybirdfood.co.uk as well as base trays and ring perches. 

Have a great experience with Ring-Pull feeders? Send us an email to info@ivelvalley.co.uk with your photos and we’ll feature them on our social media channels.