Spring Has Arrived!

Spring Has Arrived!

Fresh Air & Flowers

Welcome along to Spring! Yellow daffodils have broken free and rapeseed floods the fields with their sweet aroma and vibrant yellow colour. Spring has finally arrived and you can look forward to fresh mornings and warmer evenings. Your garden is slowly starting to wake up from its winter slumber. Buds start to appear and although the threat of frost is still present, spring flowers slowly make an appearance.

The lighter mornings are brought alive by cockerel calls, distant cattle calls and pitch perfect birdsong. Yes, that does mean the cumbersome arrival of pigeons and their soft, throaty call. The winter months have been long and hard for wild birds but now it is a time for building nests for their new arrivals. There is nothing like laying in bed with a cup of tea, listening to the tuneful tweets and twitters of wild birds, especially if they are singing from the feeders in your garden.

If you have been looking forward to spring and seeing what delightful wild birds you can attract to your garden for the next few months, we want to share a few hints and tips to get you started. Food, shelter, and water are the three magic words for attracting and keeping wild birds heading back to your garden.

Room with a view!

The ideal time to feed wild birds is in the early morning and late afternoon. Simply place a bird seed feeder near a window, sit back, relax and watch a huge array of wild birds flock to feed!

Wild birds are notoriously territorial and do not like to share their feeding space! The more seed feeders you hang, you will likely be rewarded with loyal, happy wild birds feasting in your garden. If you suspend two or three seed feeders in the garden you will be greeted with a broader range of beautiful wild birds. Bird feeders are easy to place around the garden, take up little room and can be filled quickly and efficiently.

Predator warning! Hang bird feeders high and be sure to offer a little cover if you can, predators are never far away! Be warned when faced with easy prey your beloved feline friend will suddenly turn into an avid hunter, ensure bird feeders are out of harm’s way!

A bird seed feeder is perfect for any size garden; from the smallest patio to the largest green space. Good quality seed mix will make all the difference to the types of wild bird you attract. The right bird food is a key element when feeding wild birds.

Feed your Favourites

“I planted some bird seed. A bird came up. Now I don’t know what to feed it” – We all have favourites; from your favourite seat in the kitchen to the favourite quality street chocolate at Christmas, favourites make you unique and individual. Wild birds are no exception, your favourite wild bird might be the beautiful and colourful goldfinch, whilst for others, it will be spying the flutter of blue tits dainty wings.

Attracting your beloved, favourite wild bird is as simple as choosing the right bird food. After foraging and working hard all winter, birds love easy food! Selecting the right bird food for your bird seed feeders will give you the chance to capture a glimpse of the elusive, favourite wild bird.

Bird Food for thought!

Did you know the average blue tit chick can eat up to 100 caterpillars a day? You can make a female blue tits life easier by providing her with delicious and highly nutritious food. Food that will sustain her and her young chicks.

Good quality bird food not only gives you a chance to see an array of wild birds, it gives the birds the best possible start to Springtime!

Bird food comes in all shapes, sizes, mixes and levels of quality. If you take the time to buy good quality bird food and think about what birds need at this glorious time of year, you will be rewarded with early morning birdsong and loyal visitors over the next few months.

Young Blue Tit looking for food
Young Blue Tit looking for food

Healthy start

Like humans, nutrition for birds is important. Wild birds need highly nutritious food, food which offers fat, vitamins and high energy. Birds spend much of their day collecting as well as feeding, they expend energy quickly and it needs to be restored efficiently.

You can give wild birds the best start possible to their day. Birds do not get to choose what they eat, food is food and they will gladly devour and hoard whatever they are given. You can make sure the wild birds you are feeding are given the healthy porridge option rather than a greasy bacon sandwich.

A good quality bird seed mix will be high in energy and ideally, it will be wheat free. The ideal mix will contain a range of ingredients; such as suet, oats, seeds, nuts and of course a few tasty insects.

Ready, Peck & Go

Our delectable Ready Peck 5 a day feeder seed mix contains all of the essential nuts and seeds as well as suet and insect pellets. The pellets pack a punch of high energy, whilst the seeds and nuts contain all the essential nutrients wild birds need for the busy few months ahead.

We have taken five years to perfect this ideal mix, the mix has been carefully developed to attract as many wild bird species as possible to your seed feeders. You will wake to the early birdsong of great tits, blue tits, coal tits, greenfinch, house sparrow and robins to name a few. If wild birds could talk, we know they would be singing for our 5 a day seed feeder mix!