Fun Facts About Hedgehogs

Fun Facts About Hedgehogs
    1. Baby hedgehogs are called hoglets.
    2. They have poor eyesight, but an excellent sense of smell and hearing, which makes them ideal nocturnal animals.
    3. Each hedgehog has over 5,000 spines on their body — they last around a year before falling off and regrowing.
    4. There are 17 different species of hedgehog but the UK only has 1 native species – the European Hedgehog.
    5. European hedgehogs hibernate throughout winter.
    6. Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant (so only leave water out for them).
    7. A group of hedgehogs is called an “array”.
    8. They can run over six feet per second and can travel around 2 miles each evening.
    9. Hedgehogs get their name from their preference for garden hedges and the piggy grunts they make.
    10. They curl up in a ball in order to cover their stomachs, which are not covered or protected by their spines.

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